Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm so Southwestern, You aint heard! I'm bringing a whole new style and sound to the music industry. Southwest, Southwest, and Southwestern is basically what I'm about. A lot of people really don't no much about the SOUTHWEST. So the game i learned in the streets of New Mexico and talent it is time to put the Southwest on the map right after the 3rd coast. I love the SOUTHWEST just like i love Texas. So i make them feel SOUTHWEST when they hear my music. I show them Southwest Swag they've never seen before. Lol maybe because they never seen so much swag. The thing is there is so much talent in the SOUTHWEST like the Hottest Artist i have ever produced or collabed with. Like the group i produce called SWAT TEAM, with talented rappers; L-Rey, Cooley Sha, 6'4 Slim, Mello Mel, Young key, REMEMBER those names as well as the group Diamond Nine. But I (Play-1) has been known to be a MUSICAL GENIUS from Albuquerque to Austin and all over the SOUTHWEST. So peopl please keep in mind Play-1 is coming and I comint with the SOUTHWEST. GONE...............

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